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Third Party Class A Truck Driver Recruiters – The Good, the bad and the Ugly.

Many drivers believe it’s to their advantage to only talk to a company recruiter. If they find out a person is a 3rd party recruiter they will hang up or curse you out or worse.

Just like any business there are 3rd party recruiters who are ethical, honest and really want to help you find a job. There are also those who don’t care what happens as long as you get hired and they get paid.

With a trucking company recruiter you normally only get one choice of type of run, pay, home time etc.

With 3rd party recruiters, you often have a choice of jobs & if you don’t get seated, or hired by one company.

3rd party recruiters can offer you in many cases dozens of different options to consider.

You can go online and fill out 47 applications or just fill out one application and depending on the recruiter you get they can give you the options for all of those 47 companies and find the one that actually hires where you live.

You will often spend hours filling out applications from ads from trucking companies only to find they don’t even hire in your zip code. What a waste of time.

So how do you find a legitimate third party recruiter? Well first of all you want one that doesn’t just work with a half dozen companies you want someone who has access to 50 to 100 companies so they can give you the BEST options available

You also want one that is up front and honest with you. I’ve found that there are ZERO benefits to lying to truck driver job seekers I speak with. I shoot straight with them and let the chips fall where they might. This way I end up with tons of referrals and the driver knows if they ever need another job down the road they will look me up.

Avoid those recruiters who are desperate to just get you any job and try to talk you into something you don’t want to do. If you want a home weekly job and they keep pushing an OTR job on you it means they don’t have many resources to work with.

We can normally find a regional job for just about any driver in the country so if a recruiter can’t deliver what you want move on.

If a 3rd party recruiter ever tries to charge you for their services RUN like the wind, that is a scam.

Go ahead and give a 3rd party recruiter a try, you are never under an obligation and if you find the right one you might be pleasantly surprised.

You can give us a try if you want at and see what you think…

Safe Driving out there..



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